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Finalising Opium

This week I've chosen which of my songs will go on my debut album Opium, which I hope to release the summer. This album has meant everything to me, and I've been working on the songs for it over the past 18 months. It's taken a long time for me to develop a sound I'm

happy with, and lyrics that reflect the way I'm feeling.

Opium Tracklist:

1. Score

2. Cheat

3. Fearless

4. Infidel

5. Flames

6. Ghost


8. Broken

9. Eyes

10. Haunt

11. Opium

12. Hope

The album is a story from the end of a relationship and getting over it, and the ordering was very important to me. Score, Cheat and Infidel lets out my anger and frustration of the situation I found myself in, whereas Flames, Broken and Eyes capture the anxiety and depression I felt. I always figured the album would have to end on a positive note, which is why Opium and Hope are last. Opium is about feeling good about yourself, pushing out all dark throughts from your mind and enjoying the highs of life, which is why I named the album after this track. I've rewritten Hope a number of times, and the version I released previously is considerably different to the version on Opium, but the new version is about finding hope after a tricky situation and wishing your ex to get over the demons within them.

Over the next few days, I will hopefully be releasing some more stuff so keep watching!

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